SUPERVISION - Student Testimonial

"I have been supervised by Janis since January 2017, and I have to say it has been an absolute joy!  Janis provides the essentials in supevision in terms of considering the therapeutic skills, intervensions, the therapeutic relationship and exploration.  Not only this, but she is extremely encouraging and one of the most down-to-earth people I have met. Janis is approachable, and I feel very comfortable in being completely honest with her in our supervision sessions.  If there are ever any worries regarding my client work, I know that I can contact her and receive a reply quickly,I cannot thank you enough, Janis!"

Client Testimonial

"My name is *** my wife is *** and we have two daughters   ***  14 and ***11.  Last year  *** admitted to having dark thoughts, so we decided to seek some help.  That's when we found Janis who said she would be able to help us."

So our journey as a family began.  On our first visit/meeting  *** was very quiet and she said "that these meetings would never work and she could never get these voices out of her head".  Oh how wrong she would be.  Over the course of months of weekly meetings, all myself and my wife *** will say is "it was a journey that the whole family was involved  in, even *** our teenage daughter who knows everything about everything, learned from this experience.

When  you read about kids going to counselling you think something traumatic must have happened in their life: but this is not the case if our situation is anything to go by.

We as a family were taught by these meetings that sitting as a family talking even doing chores as a family and listening to each other make all the difference.  Now this might sound obvious but it's surprising how many people don't do it. 

We as a family can't thank  Janis enough for what she has done for all of us especially *** who at the last few meetings was laughing and has really came out her dark times and now knows she can talk whenever she feels her mood change which as she becomes a young woman will be many I'm sure.

We as a family ar forever in Janis's debt.

Thank you from us all ***, ****, ***  and ***"

SUPERVISION - Counsellor Testimonial

"Janis has been my supervisor for several years, since she started her training as a supervisor.  (I have also referred child and adult clients to her and had lots of positive feedback).  She has been invaluable as a supervisor - supporting both my professional and personal self as I've been in a number of roles in both private practice and salaried roles. 

(Always gently, or with a wee smile) she reminds me of my skills when I feel wobbly, shows curiosity at the edges of my awareness and basically helps me feel grounded and solid so I can do what I do with love and peace".

SUPERVISION - Counsellor Testimonial

"Working with Janis as my supervisor, I feel safe in the knowledge she exercises great sensitivity in considering the sometimes delicate balance between challenge and support.  This allows me to feel both held within my client work, and challenged to explore areas of personal stuckness which may be hindering my personal and professional development".

SUPERVISION - Counsellor Testimonial

"If  it looks like a rough road ahead where some might stall and hesitate, Janis steps forward with compassion and offers a sure and solid hand and a warmth in her smile which I'm sure says "Come on, lets do this".  With a truckload of experience behind her, what better travelling companion could one ask for than someone like Janis, who finds continuing joy and fascination in her ongoing personal and professional development and delights in sharing this with others."

Client Testimonial

"I started seeing Janis at a time when I was really struggling to function well.  The previous few years had been very stressful in different ways, all of which accumulated in my having a lot of anxiety, negativity and other health issues.

One of the key things, which had affected me, was that (I perceived) I had not been allowed to be me as other people pushed their expectations on me of how they thought I should behave.  Being able to discuss and work through this with Janis was so worthwhile as she helped me to understand that my opinions and way of being is actually valuable.  Also that I do have a voice to speak up an say what I believe is right and wrong and don't have to go along with other people's way of thinking just to keep the peace.  It was highlighted that setting boundaries is important not only for myself, but for others too enabling us all to know where we stand.

It was insightful to learn during my sessions that I do need to structure my time in order to function well, although a loose structure is fine which allows for the random things and excitement.  I had found previously, that not having a structure at all left me going round in circles and getting nothing done, leading me to great negativity, feeling overwhelmed and anxious.  I learnt too not to beat myself up if something planned didn't actually get done for whatever reason.

We discussed why others might react in the way that they do, sometimes aggressively or maybe not wanting any communication.  Janis and I spoke of the reality that other people's hurtful interactions with me was not something to take as a personal slight, but to remember a lot of people have their own 'baggage' they are carrying.  Again, on these occasions, it is good to discuss concerns I have rather than filling my head with assumptions and letting things fester for great lengths of time.

There is so much I could say about how I value my sessions with Janis, but the important thing is that she really helped me understand "me" and move forward to a much healthier place and able to realise my own value".

SUPERVISION - Counsellor Testimonial

"I have known Janis Sinclair for sometime in her capacity as my supervisor.

In that time I have found her to be honest, genuine and non judgemental.  She had an immense knowledge both due to her own experiences and also conintual personal development training.

She has been and still is a person of invaluable support to me".

Client Testimonial

"First and foremost, It is undoubtedly my sincere pleasure to have met with *** and Janis.  From our first meeting, they gave my daughter - and latterly me - enormous support in coming to terms with various emotional and sensitive aspects of our lives.  Over a prolonged timescale, they provided the utmost professional assistance with exemplary attention to detail, all exercised within a relaxed and most importantly safe environment.

My daughter's emotional wellbeing has benefited greatly due to a carefully structured combination of approaches facilitated through *** gently encouraging listening skills and involving an appealing range of creative role play.  This produced a range of emotional responses which enabled her to express her innermost feeling, albeit at her most vulnerable and difficult times.  Furthermore, her physical wellbeng has improved due to Janis patiently teaching her relaxation techniques for application during moments of low mood, panic and uncertainty. 

As for me, Janis and *** used their effective people skills to provide necessary support in my role as a parent and single parent, always backing me and never undermining me. Even when I was flakey bout my decision-making, they supported me and sensitivily strengthened my daughter's knowledge that I had her best interest at heart - as a mother, woman and responsible adult.  We laughed and we cried comfortably in their understanding company.

Our time with *** and Janis created a powerful bonding experience, helping to remove unhelpful volatility between us and stabilising our relationship.  I would have no hesitation in recommending them either as individual professionals or as a team".

  • Anxiety
  • Anger
  • Bereavement
  • Couple Counselling
  • Depression
  • Eating Disorders
  • Family Issues
  • Work related

Here are some of the issues I work with in Counselling

  • Stress
  • Low self esteem
  • Physical Abuse
  • Personal Development
  • Sexual Abuse
  • PTSD
  • Self Harm
  • Emotional Abuse